The Prize and Grand Prize Solo Lee Ye-won Missing

While Lee Ye-won (20, KB Financial Group), who took the lead in the grand prize category following the prize money

took a week off, Park Ji-young (27, Korea Land Trust) and Park Min-ji (25, NH Investment & Securities) ) and other sisters go in pursuit.

The KG Ladies Open (total prize money: 800 million won), the 22nd tournament of the Korean Ladies Professional Golf (KLPGA)

Tour season, will be held at Sunning Point Country Club (par 72, 6,748 yards) in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do for three days starting September 1.

This competition, now in its 12th year

has been won by outstanding star players such as Kim Ha-neul, Mi-rim Lee, and Jin-young Ko.

With her last major tournament, the Hanwha Classic, completed 온라인섯다

Lee Ye-won is currently leading the prize money and grand prize categories.

Lee Ye-won, who took second place at the Hanwha Classic

solidified her lead with season prize money of 893.38 million won, and also rose two places from 3rd place to 1st place in the grand prize category, which was 3rd place.

He is poised to dominate the KLPGA Tour two years after his debut, taking the lead in the two most important categories.

But for now, this week’s competition is taking a break. 

This is a reorganization ahead of the KB Financial Star Championship, a major competition held next week.

Meanwhile, existing powerhouses aiming for Lee Ye-won’s position are in pursuit.

Park Ji-young, 2nd place in prize money and 3rd place in grand prize, and Park Min-ji, 5th place in prize money and 2nd place in grand prize

will be on the front line.

k Ji-young ranked first in both the prize money and grand prize categories until the first half of this season.

In the second half of the year, she consistently performed in the mid-to-upper tier, including 7th place in the Doosan Engineering & Construction We’ve Championship

but lost her place to Lee Ye-won’s upward trend. Park Min-ji was absent from

Korea for a while while participating in major LPGA tour tournaments in July and August.

Until she won her second win in June, it looked like it would be Park Min-ji’s year again, but the two-month gap was big.

However, he is finding his senses again after returning to the tour. 

He placed 6th at the High1 Resort Open and then placed 8th at the Hanwha Classic last week, making the ‘Top 10’ for two consecutive weeks.

 Her prize money category was a bit low at 5th place, but she rose to 2nd place in the grand prize category.

In the prize money category, the gap between 1st place Lee Ye-won and 2nd place Park Ji-young reaches 200 million won, making it impossible for them to turn things around in an instant.

On the other hand, in terms of target points, even 2nd place Park Min-ji, 3rd place Park Ji-young, 4th place Lim Jin-hee (25, Angang Construction), 5th place Park Hyun-kyung (23, Korea Land Trust), and 6th place Kim Min-byeol (19, Hite Jinro) are in range. 

If you win this competition, the first place in the grand prize may change again.

Park Ji-young, Park Min-ji, and Lim Jin-hee are also challenging to secure their first three wins this season.

Attention is being paid to whether the upward trend of ‘Queen of Autumn’ Kim Su-ji (27, Dongbu Construction) will continue. 

Suji Kim has won four of her five career wins since September.

At the Hanwha Classic held last week, he won before September for the first time in his life, signaling the start of fall a little early. 

He recorded his first win (Se-ri Pak Invitational) in the second half of last year and then won the following tournament (Hana Financial Group Championship)

winning two awards in the grand prize and average stroke categories.

He has a deep connection with this competition

winning in 2021 and taking second place after extended play last year.

Kim Su-ji expressed confidence, saying, “Recently, my feel for shots has improved.

This fall has brought me many good memories, so I think I will be able to play better in the future.”

In addition, amateurs Yoo Hyeon-jo (18) and Lim Ji-yu (18) will participate in the competition as invited players. 

They are part of the national golf team for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games to be held in September and will compete on the professional stage before the tournament.

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