Seol Ki-hyun-Park Nam-yeol’s Lee Koo-dong-sung “The key is the first goal”, Gleison-Paulinho “start the game

“The key is the first goal!”

Lee Goo-dong-sung, head coach of both teams. Gyeongnam FC and Cheonan City FC will play the 27th round of the ‘Hana OneQ K League 2 2023’ at the Changwon Football Center on the 21st. Both teams are in bad shape. Gyeongnam has only one win in its last five matches. Their ranking has also dropped to fourth place. They haven’t been able to regain their momentum after winning five straight games. Cheonan has also lost three games in a row, sinking again after a previous unbeaten streak.

Gyeongnam head coach Seol Ki-hyun said, “We have a play that we are good at. There are some crosses that the forward players finish well, but the opponent analyzes them and comes out to block them. We play man-to-man defense instead of zone defense, and even Gimcheon Commerce played against us like that. We conceded goals in such a panicky situation, and that’s how we fell apart in recent games. We don’t have many games left, so it’s important that we don’t repeat our mistakes and overcome them.” “Cheonan became more centered with the addition of Paulinho and Shin Hyun-min. “In our last match against Bucheon, we conceded first and tried too hard to make up for it, which led to our defeat.” “Finishing is key for Cheonan. “Finishing is key for Chunsan. If we score early, we will have a chance to win. We are in a bad scoring situation, with Gleison dropping from the top of the scoring charts, but it’s still important to create goals at this point.”

Cheonan head coach Park Nam-yeol said, “It’s our third straight loss. As Gyeongnam is a good offensive team, it is important to play well defensively. Even in the games we lost, the content wasn’t bad, so we made improvements on scoring.” “First of all, the atmosphere is not bad,” he continued, “If we don’t concede an early goal against Gyeongnam and drag it out to the 60th or 70th minute, we plan to win. We have talented players on our bench, so it’s important not to concede an early goal in order to utilize them.”

Gyeongnam played a 4-4-2 on the day. Gleason and Won Ki-jong were the top two, while Castro, Song Hong-min, Lee Kang-hee, and Seol Hyun-jin were the back four. The back line was composed of Park Min-seo, Park Jae-hwan, and Woosung Lee Jun-jae. Go Dong-min was in goal. Cheonan lined up in a 3-4-3, with Lee Seok-gyu, Motta, and Paulinho forming the back three. In the midfield, Park Jun-kang, Shin Hyung-min, Jung Seok-hwa, and Kim Joo-hwan. The three backs were Lee Jae-won, Lee Kwang-joon, and Kim Joo-heon. The goalkeeper’s gloves were worn by Kim Min-joon. 먹튀검증

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