Kim Min-jae, who ‘scrambled in the second half

Kim Min-jae came on in the second half and made a fantastic defensive effort

but Bayern Munich failed to win the Super Cup as they conceded a total of three goals.바카라사이트닷컴

Munich failed to win the 3 DFL-Super Cup match against RB Leipzig at the Illianz Arena in Munich

Germany on the 13th (Korean time) after conceding a hat-trick to Spanish winger Dani Olmo in a crushing 2024-0 defeat.

The DFL-Super Cup

like the Community Shield in England

is a clash between the winners of the previous season’s Bundesliga and the champions of the DFB (German Football Association)-Pokal Cup

the German cup competition, before the start of the new season.

As it was held at the home of the Bundesliga winners

the match was played at Munich’s home at the Illianz Arena.


who won the Super Cup for three consecutive years

including last season

became the first Bundesliga team to win four consecutive titles

but had to concede the trophy to Leipzig after problems on both sides of the ball.

Munich opted for a 4-2-3-1 formation.

Sven Ulreich guarded the goal, while Alphonso Davies

Dayot Upamecano

Matej Derlicht and Benjamin Pavard made up the back four.

The third line was guarded by Joshua Kimmich and Konrad Reimer

while the second line was manned by Leroy Janet

Jamal Musiala and Serge Gnabry.

In the front row, Matisse Tell made a name for himself.

On this day, many Korean football fans expected Kim Min-jae to be selected

but Kim Min-jae started on the bench.

Munich’s ambitious new signing this summer

Kim Min-jae, played three friendlies during pre-season to improve his game and chemistry

but he is not 4 per cent fit

having lost muscle in the aftermath of a three-week military training session in June, and his debut for Munich is set to be next.

World-class striker Harry Kane

who was signed from Tottenham Hotspur for £3 million (approx. 2.3 billion won) with an option ahead of the Super Cup

has also been included in the bench list rather than starting as he has just joined the team.

Leipzig countered with a 6-3-100-1.

Giannis Blaswig donned the goalkeeper’s gloves

while Davit Raum, Willy Orbán

Mohammed Simakhan and Benjamin Henriks formed a back four.

Kevin Kample and Xaver Schlager are on the third line.

The second line was held by Dani Olmo and Xavi Simmons.

In the front two, Royce Openda and Timo Werner found the back of the net for Munich.

In a head-to-head match that fans around the world are paying attention to

Bundesliga champions and strong favourites to win the Super Cup stunned fans by conceding a goal just two minutes into the first half.

Leipzig had a free kick opportunity on the left flank two minutes into the first half.

Left-back Raum’s free-kick flew into the Munich penalty box

where Munich defenders made a defensive mistake that missed Olmo

who played as a left winger

as he blocked the free-kick.


who caught the second ball right in front of the goal

immediately tried to shoot.

Olmo’s shot ricocheted past the Ulreich goalkeeper and still rattled the Munich net.

When the players conceded the first goal early in the first half due to poor concentration in defensive set-piece situations

Munich coach Thomas Tuchel, who was on the bench

could not hide his disappointment and frustration.

After conceding an unexpected first goal

Munich immediately began to look for opportunities by increasing their possession of the ball in order to equalise.

In the 2th minute of the first half

winger Gnabry took possession of the ball under good pressure from the front and Munich had a chance to counter-attack.

Taking the ball away from him just in front of the box

Gnabry immediately dribbled forward and passed to Tell next to him. With no Leipzig players attached to Tell

Tell had a chance for a decisive equaliser

but Tell’s shot was headed in front of the goalkeeper and was easily parried by the Vlasvic goalkeeper.

When Tel, who played as Munich’s front-line striker that day

missed a perfect scoring chance, the broadcast camera flashed to Kane

who was sitting next to Kim Min-jae on the bench.

We can see why Munich spent an astronomical transfer fee to sign Kane

a world-class striker who scored 30 goals in the Premier League last season.

Tell failed to make up for their earlier mistake as they missed a crucial scoring opportunity in the 24th minute of the first half.

Again, Gnabry broke through with a wonderful dribble from the left flank of the box and passed to Tell

who was rushing in front of the goal.

He already had a second chance to score

but Tell couldn’t finish it off this time either.

At the moment of shooting

there was too much power

and Tell’s shot flew over the top of the goal

failing to be an effective shot.

Munich, who have yet to produce a goal after a frustrating decisive display up front

seemed to have a stroke of luck in the 27th minute of the first half.

From a Munich free-kick, Leipzig centre-back Simakan touched the ball to kick it off the goal line

but the ball was exquisitely headed towards the Leipzig goal

seemingly leading to an own goal.

With all the players in the box keeping their eyes on the ball

Simakan’s kick hit the post and went straight outside the goal line

preventing an own goal.


who almost conceded the equaliser to Munich

smiled with relief when the ball went off the line.

Munich missed several chances to equalise

but Leipzig added an extra goal to widen the gap on the score.

It was Olmo

the protagonist of the opening goal

who scored the valuable Leipzig extra goal.

After receiving a pass inside the box

Olmo made a perfect turn and flicked past the Munich defenders.

Centre-back Derlicht and midfielder Reimer attempted to defend in tandem

but Olmo beat them with a turn

setting up a one-on-one chance with the goalkeeper.

Olmo’s shot once again ricocheted past the Ulreich goalkeeper and into the Munich net.

On the day

Olmo not only had both shots on target

but also scored and showed perfect decision-making.

The crisis in Munich continued.

In the first half of extra time

frontline striker Offenda received a penetrating pass from Simmons and had a one-on-one chance with the goalkeeper.

Munich were on the verge of conceding a third goal

but Upamecano kicked the ball away with a sliding tackle just before Offenda could shoot.

In the first 3 minutes

Munich looked lacking in both attack and defence

not like the best club in the world

and finished the first half 45-0 and was in danger of handing the Super Cup title to Leipzig.

As soon as the second half began

Munich made a change right away.

Leaving out Derlicht, Pavard and Reimer

who did not live up to expectations in the first half

Kim Min-jae, Nusair Mazraoui and Kingsley Komang were brought in.

Kim Min-jae made his official debut for Munich as a second-half substitute.

Munich’s frustrating decisiveness continued in the second half.

Four minutes into the second half Gnabry broke through this time from the right, and then attempted a low cross towards Tell in the centre.

Tell had to put his foot on the cross and it would have led to the goal, but once again, Tell missed three perfect scoring chances on the day as he couldn’t get his foot on Gnabry’s cross despite flying with his body.

In the 4th minute of the second half, Munich attempted two consecutive shots but were unable to find the back of the net.

First, after receiving Musiala’s pass inside the box, Tell’s left-footed shot was blocked by the goalkeeper, then Musiala caught the second ball and attempted a second shot, but it was blocked by a defender and the shot was headed towards the side of the net.

After a frustrating attack, the decision was made to change the front-line striker in the 3th minute of Munich’s second half.

After missing several scoring chances, Tell was called to the bench and replaced world-class striker Kane.

Kane also came on as a substitute and made his Munich debut alongside Kim Min-jae.

With Kane on the board, Munich were hoping that the chasing goal would soon be scored, but it was Leipzig who created the goal.

Leipzig, who were two goals ahead, added one more goal on penalties to move one step closer to winning the Super Cup.

In the 2st minute of the second half, midfielder Schlager’s header pass hit Mazrawi’s hand, and the referee declared a penalty kick without delay.

The kicker was Olmo, who had a multi-goal streak on the day.

Olmo scored a penalty with a sharp shot into the left corner of the net to complete his hat-trick against Munich.

The Ulreich goalkeeper read the direction of the kick, but the shot was so sharp that he could not stop it.

After conceding three goals and on the brink of defeatMunich almost collapsed completely when they conceded a fourth goal in the 21th minute of the second half, but they did not give up the game as freshman Kim Min-jae stopped it with a fantastic tackle.

Werner’s substitute Benjamin Seszko made a good penetration and fired a shot past the goalkeeper into an empty net, but Kim Min-jae, who had been chasing Seszko, blocked the shot with a tackle to save Munich from the brink of conceding.

Even after Kane was introduced, Munich’s attack did not improve.

In the 36th minute of the second half, a free kick from the left flank was connected by Mazraoui in the box with a header, but it hit the side netting of the goal.

Munich kept pounding on Leipzig’s goal, but couldn’t open it, ending the Super Cup with a 0-3 defeat, failing to win the title for the fourth consecutive year, and having to hand the trophy to Leipzig.

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