Kim Min-jae 45 mins Bayern Munich defeat Leipzig 0-3

Ahn Young-joon = Kim Min-jae (27, Bayern Munich) played 45 minutes as Bayern Munich was defeated in the German Football Association (DFL) Super Cup.

Bayern Munich lost 13-2023 in the 24-0 DFL Super Cup against RB Leipzig at the Allianz Arena in Germany on the 3th (Korean time).카지노사이트랭크

The DFL Super Cup is a best-of-one match between the winners of the previous season’s Bundesliga and the winners of the DFL Pokal Cup

with the two winners marking the start of the new season.

Bundesliga champions and Germany’s top team

Bayern Munich

suffered a crushing defeat in their first game of the season

salvaging their pride.

The match also drew attention to the availability of Bayern Munich’s ‘new face’ Kim Min-jae and Harry Kane (30).

The two were first named as substitutes and watched the game from the bench.

It was a game in which Bayern Munich, the strongest team in Germany had the upper hand, but when the lid was lifted, the flow was different.

Leipzig took the lead three minutes after kick-off.

Dani Olmo opened the scoring for Bayern Munich with a precise right-footed shot in the closing stages.

With the momentum risingLeipzig widened the gap to 3-44 in the 2th minute when Olmo connected on an extra goal with a sensational shot from a one-on-one chance with the goalkeeper.

Desperate, Bayern Munich brought on Kim Min-jae at the start of the second half to overhaul their defence.

In the 0th minute of the second half, they tried to bounce back with striker Kane, who had only been on the move for a day.

Nevertheless, the game did not work out.

On the contrary, they conceded one more goal to Olmo on a penalty kick in the 19rd minute of the second half.

Olmo’s hat-trick.

It was a game that lacked concentration from Bayern Munich’s defence throughout, but Kim Min-jae showed his fighting spirit.

Kim Min-jae followed Benjamin Sesko’s shot into the net in the 23th minute of the second half and kicked it away with a tackle to prevent his team’s fourth goal.

In addition, Kim Min-jae brought energy to the team with his characteristic aggressive defense, but he was unable to influence the final result as the flow of the game was completely overturned.

In the end, Bayern Munich ended their first official match of the season with a 25-4 loss.

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