30,000 simultaneous viewers for the first ‘Parliamentary Esports Competition’

The “National Assembly Jangbae Esports Competition,” organized by the National Assembly of Korea and the Game Culture Foundation and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and the Korea Creative Content Agency, has ended with great success.

The tournament, which was held with a total prize fund of 20 million won, was held on the 14th and 15th at Africa Freaks Studio and was aimed at diversifying the field of eSports and expanding its base.

On the 14th, about 80 players competed in the individual competition on the first day of the tournament, with DRX Knee and KDF Ulsan taking first and second place to qualify for the Korea-Japan competition.

On the second day of the tournament, DRX Knee, DH CNJ Jeon Ting, and DRX Chanel, the top three players in the Tekken World Tour 2022 (TWT) points, competed for South Korea, while KDF Ulsan and Mulgold, the top two players in the individual competition, competed for Japan, represented by Chikurin, Pinya, Nobi, Take, and Chirichiri.

The two teams exchanged wins and losses, and in the final ace decider, DRX’s Knee and Nobi won 3:2, giving the Korean team the title.

In addition, fans watched the match and signed autographs with Korean and Korean-Japanese players, including the world’s No. 1 Tekken player, Knee.

Throughout his opening remarks, National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo expressed his love for esports and promised to continue to support it. During his opening remarks, Kim also demonstrated the moves of Tekken 7 character ‘Paul‘, which drew positive responses from the audience, including “It was a fresh and friendly image” and “The rising hope of Tekken”. Meanwhile, Minister Park Bo-gyun of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also attended the tournament and delivered a congratulatory speech, expressing the government’s interest and willingness to support esports.

In his congratulatory remarks, Minister Park said, “Games are at the center of K-culture. At the national task inspection meeting, I emphasized the driving force of games and eSports by explaining the recent buzzword ‘jongkema’ (the important thing is an unbreakable heart),” and expressed the government’s will to hold eSports competitions for the disabled.

Representative Lee Sang-heon, who organized the tournament and presented the award on the second day, also watched the entire event. He said, 한국야동 “This tournament was held thanks to the suggestion of Speaker Kim Jin-pyo. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. I am thrilled that the tournament ended successfully.” Earlier, Rep. Lee demonstrated ‘esports diplomacy’ by sending 50 sets of Game Lever for Tekken 7 to Pakistan at his own expense.

All of the competitions were broadcast live on Twitch, Africa TV’s Knee Channel, OGN YouTube, and the National Assembly broadcast, with a maximum of 30,000 concurrent viewers.

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