‘12.12: The Day’ surpasses 12 mil., continues box office success

The historical film  “12.12: The Day” became the longest hit film in the history of Korean cinema. Yonhap

The political action drama film “12.12: The Day” continues to reign at the local box office, breaking more ticket sales records.Released on Nov. 22, the film has sold over 100,000 tickets daily for 41 consecutive days, Tuesday, becoming the first-ever film to do so, according to data from the Korean Film Council. The 2013 drama film “Miracle in Cell No. 7” held the previous record with 40 days, followed by the 2005 historical film “The King and the Clown” with 39 days.On Monday, “12.12: The Day” garnered over 262,000 ticket sales, surpassing the 12 million mark. It collected about 845,000 ticket sales over the three-day New Year’s weekend, totaling about 12.1 million ticket sales with 118 billion won ($90.6 million) grossing.The film, which topped the chart for four consecutive weeks following its opening, became the biggest box office hit of 2023 last month, exceeding the 10.68 million tickets sold for the action film “The Roundup: No Way Out,” which previously led the year’s box office.Directed by Kim Sung-soo, known for the 1997 crime flick “Beat,” the historical action film is based on the real-life military coup of 1979 that propelled military dictator Chun Doo-hwan to take over the presidential office, which resulted in an eight-year military junta.

It follows the intense nine hours on Dec. 12 of the fictionalized Major General Chun Doo-kwang (Hwang Jung-min) leading a group of military personnel against the incumbent government and Capital Defense Commander Lee Tae-shin’s (Jung Woo-sung) attempt to stop the coup.The film was also released in North America in November where it grossed over $1 million after a month. It became the highest-grossing Korean film of last year, surpassing the grossing of “The Roundup: No Way Out” at $910,000.Meanwhile, the action blockbuster “Noryang: Deadly Sea” took the win at the New Year’s holiday box office. It sold about 909,000 tickets over the holiday, collecting a total of 3.7 million ticket sales with 36.9 billion won. The action-packed film, which opened on Dec. 20, has topped the local box office for 13 consecutive days.Following “The Admiral: Roaring Currents” (2014) and “Hansan: Rising Dragon” (2022), the last installment of the trilogy on Admiral Yi Sun-sin follows the Battle of Noryang at the end of the 1592-98 Japanese invasions of Korea, which was the last battle of Yi (Kim Yoon-seok).Japanese animation “New Dimension! Shinchan The Movie: Battle of Supernatural Powers” claimed third at the weekend box office. It sold about 179,000 tickets over 카지노사이트킹 the weekend, adding to the 503,000 already sold, grossing 4.87 billion won.

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