On the afternoon of the 22nd, the Korea Ski Association signed a business agreement with Gyeongsung High School in Daegu to establish skiing and snowboarding courses and organize the regular curriculum. Currently, Gyesung High School is developing a total of four curricula with the subject names of Alpine Skiing 1-2 and Snowboarding 1-2, and plans to submit relevant materials to the Ministry of Education in the first half of 2024 and go through the approval process. After approval, the courses will be listed as official physical education subjects, and theoretical lectures will be held at schools and practical training will be held at ski resorts.

“We will hold a briefing session for students and parents in January 2024, and proceed with the approval process for the four new subjects in the first half of the year,” the Korea Ski Association said, adding, “We plan to finalize the selection of subjects and the number of participants in September and November 2024.” Skiing and snowboarding classes will be held in December 2024 and January 2025.

Through the Korea Ski Association, Gyeongsung-Go said, “We intend to overcome regional limitations that make it difficult to enter winter snow sports by exerting the pioneering spirit of the school’s founding philosophy, and to become the first secondary school in Korea to introduce skiing and snowboarding subjects and organize a regular curriculum. “The Korea Ski Association explained, “In the first year, we will operate curricular credits for all students, and in the second year, we will target students who wish to participate.” “We will raise awareness of environmental issues through field experiences on climate change, and lay the foundation for changing the perception of winter sports and lifelong physical education through 토토 various user experiences.”

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