Ryu Hyun-jin excels in ‘Pitchers’ Tomb’, earning four wins

In ‘Pitchers’ Tomb,’ Ryu Hyun-jin pitches well.”Four wins are too many!”

At 1,600 meters above sea level, Coors Field is a pitcher’s nightmare with little air resistance.

Ryu used his velocity and unpredictable mix of pitches to dominate the Colorado hitters.

In the third inning, a changeup that led to a two-run homer by Montero was the only jade tee.

His fastball only topped out at 145 miles per hour, but he confused hitters with his skillful delivery.

Most notably, in the third inning, with runners on second and third, he struck out the side with a 108 mph curveball to end the inning.

In the fourth inning, he was left frustrated by an umpire’s call when an obvious strikeout was called a walk.

[Local replay: “No matter how you look at it, it’s a strike.”]

But Ryu kept his composure and got out of the jam.

With a knife-edged outside pitch, he struck out Montero, who had given up a home run earlier in the game.

Ryu went on to pitch five innings in the pitcher’s graveyard, striking out three and allowing two runs.

Jansen’s homer in the sixth inning gave him his fourth win of the season, but the bullpen answered with a three-run blast in the bottom of the inning, spoiling Ryu’s victory.

It was even more frustrating for Ryu as Toronto came back with a five-run seventh inning to win the game.

After the game, the local media hailed Ryu’s pitching as having the effect of a “seven-inning no-hitter” despite the loss.

With a valuable win on the mound for Ryu, 먹튀검증 Toronto pulled within a game and a half of Texas and kept their hopes alive for fall baseball.

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