KT Sonic Boom Bae 3×3 Basketball Tournament successfully concluded with ‘abundant gifts and fan signings’

KT Sonic Boom Bae 3×3 Basketball Tournament concludes with great success

The Suwon KT Sonic Boom professional basketball team announced on Sunday (Nov. 24) that it successfully completed the ‘Suwon KT Sonic Boom Bae 3×3 Basketball Tournament’ held at the outdoor basketball court of 카지노사이트 Suwon Sports Complex on Nov. 23.

The ‘Suwon KT Sonic Boom Bae 3×3 Basketball Tournament’, which was held for the first time after relocating to Suwon, attracted 420 participants from about 100 teams across the country, including Suwon. The tournament was divided into elementary, middle school, high school, and general categories, and the winners were determined through intense preliminary and final rounds. The winners of the elementary division were Koojeonghoe, the secondary division was Team H, the high school division was Kepheus, and the general division was Kangjun and Kids.

In addition to the game, the tournament included a variety of events for Suwon KT fans, including a fan signing session and a shooting challenge.

In particular, the fans’ signing session was attended by KT Sonic Boom’s representative players Moon Sung-gon, Jung Sung-woo, and Choi Chang-jin, and was well received by many fans.

In addition, many people participated in the shooting challenge event, where Hattae Confectionery sweets, Leader’s mask packs, and home game tickets were given away as prizes, further heating up the atmosphere of the 3×3 tournament.

Despite the late summer heat, the participants showed great enthusiasm and high level of skill.

In particular, the team of Kang Jun and his children in the general division won the championship after intense matches and took home KRW 1 million in prize money. The team defeated the nemesis Masterwok in the quarterfinals and came from behind to win the final against Arirang.

“It was physically difficult to play multiple games until the final, but we are very happy to have won,” said team captain Choi Soon-joon. “We are grateful to KT Sonic Boom for holding a high-quality tournament in such a good environment and would like to participate again next time.”

“We were able to hold a successful tournament with the active support of Suwon City and the Suwon City Basketball Association,” said an official from KT Sonic Boom. “We will strive to become a beloved team through various events and fan-friendly events in the future.”

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