Professional billiards without Kudrong, the stunt moon

In professional billiards, where Kudrong left, Turkiye’s Seiginer is cruising toward his second win of the season with a rare shot.

Reporter Kim Dong-min organized the stunt shots from the third tour.

The saginer succeeds in a three-cushion with a difficult pull.

It was an exquisite pull to avoid all the timing of the collision

The two-bank shot also succeeded accurately and completed a three-cushion perfectly.

It’s an easy shot to see but hard to hit.

Luckily, the bank shot succeeds and sometimes raises two lucky points.

With a two-bank shot with a reverse turn, you turn a difficult crisis into an opportunity.

The speed and spin were all perfect.

Seiginer finishes the set with a nice shot before the competition with a cue-up shot.

Make a perfect 4 cushion with a shot that intentionally collides the ball.

It’s very rare to actually score in a game with a deliberate crash shot.

A saginer who succeeds in 3 cushions with a powerful spin that lives to the end.

Kudrong is filling the place where he left and giving great joy to billiard fans.


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