Coach Kim reunites with players, promises ’emotional basketball’

After reuniting with players, Kim promises ’emotional basketball’


Kim Seung-ki, the new head coach of SONO International, which took over Day One and is preparing to start a basketball team, has reunited with his players.

The atmosphere of the training session became brighter as Kim and the coaching staff became ‘complete’.

Reporter Jung Ju-hee went to the training site.


The players have been training at the Goyang Gymnasium without a manager or coach, having received no salary from Day One,

Coach Kim Seung-ki comforted the players who were struggling.

“Lighten up. Feel good and eat something delicious, okay?”

The team could have been lost, but Kim instilled faith in his players and prepared them for the next season.

“I’m crying when I look at the players. I told them (Jeon Sung-hyun and Jeong Jung-hyun) to build their bodies because it’s unconditional, and I talked harder to them so they wouldn’t be weak.”

Kim Min-wook and Ham Jun-hoo, who signed free agent contracts with Day One despite their families’ urging, also tightened their shoelaces.

“I don’t think the external part played a big role, the coach just called me…”

Kim, who rose to prominence by leading KGC Ginseng to two championships and led the team to the top four of the playoffs last season, despite the adversity of mismanagement,

“If you back down because it’s difficult, you won’t be impressed. The more difficult it is, the better you have to do, and I’m going to approach them by playing a different kind of basketball, which is very cool with ’emotional sono’.”

Fans are also showing their unwavering support.

“I fell in love with the Carrot Jumpers when I saw them playing basketball.”

“Sonoda Sono now. I cheer for him a lot.”

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