SON Academy Parents Appeal for Sentencing “Son Woong-jung, Never Used Corporal Punishment”…Civil Society Organizations Claim “Secondary Victimization”

Parents of Son Heung-min (Tottenham) have called for Son to be punished for alleged child abuse at the SON soccer academy run by his father, Son Woong-jung.

“The children have been at the academy for years, but there has never been any corporal punishment,” the parents, who sent their children to the academy, wrote in a statement on Thursday.

Regarding the training camp in Japan, where the children alleged that Son and his coaches used abusive language and assaulted them, the group said, “Some of the parents and children who accompanied us said that the atmosphere on that day was such that something needed to be done to change 토토사이트 순위 the atmosphere.”

“No one felt anything was different or unusual about what happened that day, and even the children are puzzled about what happened,” he added.

“We are not supporting Hand’s supervision or saying that corporal punishment is justified,” the parents continued, “We are just saying that people outside the academy are imposing their own judgments on what happened, which is not a big deal to those of us who experienced it firsthand, and are victimizing the academy members as if a big crime happened inside the academy, which is actually bothering us.”

They also appealed to law enforcement and judicial authorities to take action, saying, “Please think of our children who are still silently pursuing their dreams.”

Earlier, Son and his coaching staff were summoned to the Chuncheon District Prosecutor’s Office on March 3 for an initial investigation after a group of youth players from the academy’s A team accused them of child abuse, alleging physical and verbal assaults during a training camp in Japan in March and at a hostel in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province.

On the same day, Kim Hyun-soo, executive chairman of the Sports Citizens’ Alliance, said at a discussion organized by the Culture and Sports Committee of the Culture Alliance, the Minbyeon (Lawyers for a Democratic Society), the Sports Human Rights Institute, and the Sports Citizens’ Alliance, “There was definitely some kind of behavior, and the behavior that the parents are turning a blind eye to in order to keep the team together could lead to a second round of abuse,” according to Yonhap.

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